LL-290 72′

Vessel Description

 LL-290         CALL:  321-784-5982           VISIT: WWW.SHIPSUSA.COM

Year Built:1989    Dimensions:  Lenghth: 72′  /  Wide:  23′   /   Depth: 7′.5

Machinery:  1 Main Engine:  Cummin  500 HP  /  1 Generator: 2.71 Detroit 20 KW

1 Engine Needed of rebuilding:  ISUZU 25 KW

Long Line Reel: 35 miles

Permit:  is for blue fin tuna, yellow fin, direct swordfish, and incidental shark)

Miscellaneous:  The cabin has been remodeled three years ago. Everything is in good conditions and working well. The price is $Call.


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