Vessel Description

CS-250-55    Price:  $  Call for more information  321-784-5982  Year: 1955 Construction & Design:  St Louis Shipbldg & Steel    Design:  Cruise Vessel Dimensions:  Length:  65′   Breadth:  25‘   Depth:  5‘,   Engine:   6 clynder  4 stroke cycle 250 hp @ 2100 RPM Cummins 250 NH with a twin Disc MG 509 3:1 marine gear. Speed:  Cruising 6 mph @ 1300 rpm maximum 8 mph @1800 rpm  Safety Equipment : Life Perservers 240 adult and 45 Children,  Ring Buoys 3, one iluminated float light, eight BII CO2 fire extinguishers, Pyrotechnic distress signal, Fire Ax,  2 fire stations rubber lined hoses with adjustable nozzles.  Electronics:  Fog Bell Morse Clutch and Trottle controls, Searchlight, airphone/intercom, radar, Ritchie compass, Tachometer, AM/FM receiver, Radar,  6 CD/AM/FM  Stereo,  Auto Pilot, 2-VHS Radio,  GPS, Chartplotter  Miscellaneous:  Beverage Bar, 2 Bathrooms,  ready to go. Full Kitchen, Stove, Refrigerator,  AC  Unit,  Microwave, Galley / Bar, Meal and Charter Cruises. Hull was re-skinned in 1993  Wheelhouse updated in 2012. Vessel is in operating conditions. Documentation Expiration:  12/31/2016  COI  234.