Vessel Description

 LCU-119-1575        CALL:    321-784-5982            VISIT: WWW.SHIPSUSA.COM

USVI Dimensions (Overall) Length: 119 feet over all Breadth: 34.1 feet Depth: 6.1 feet

Tonnage (Registered) Gross: 186 Net: 55

Built By/At : Avondale Marine Ways, Inc., New Orleans, LA

(or Kewaunee Shipbuilding, Kewaunee, WI)      Year Built : 1955 Builders

Hull Number : LCU 1575       Date Last Dry Docked : October/November 2016

Propulsion Number: Three (3) – Port, Center and Starboard

Make: Detroit Diesel       Model: 6-71 HP: 225 each  /  Estimated Speed : 8 knots

Generators No Permanent Generator    /    Mounted Number: One (1) Semi-permanent Portable Type Make: Magnum   / Output: 35 kW    /   Capacities:  Fuel: 13,300 gallons /  Potable Water: 9,600gallons  Deck Area: 2,018 ft2 (Main Area)  /  Deck Cargo: 200 tons

Equipment: USCG  NECCESARY : Emergency Lighting System, Life Saving Gear, Fire Fighting, Handrails/Bulwarks, First Aid, Smoke Detectors,

Galley: A small galley is fitted between the crew berthing area (now recreation room) and the mess room. The galley is outfitted with a stainless steel counter with integral double sink with steel shelves above and below the counter top. A large residential type stainless steel refrigerator/freezer is fitted along with a simple 4-burner electric range and installed vent exhaust over the range. Other appliances include a coffee maker, microwave oven, and toaster. Mess Room: A small mess room is fitted with a fixed table with bench seats along sides which should seat about six (6) persons simultaneously. Head/Laundry: The head is outfitted with a single shower stall, toilet, and double stainless steel sinks, a commercial style clothes washing machine and dryer and electric hot water heater.

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