LL-289 80′ SOLD

Vessel Description

 LL-289    CALL:  321-784-5982    VISIT: WWW.SHIPSUSA.COM

Year built: 1988

Dimensions: 80 ft. long, 22.5 ft. wide, and 9 ft. deep

Electrical Equipment: 2 radars (1 radar 64 miles) (1 radar 48 miles), 2 radio VHF, 2 single side band, 2 GPS, new autopilot, and many things in the cabin.

Two main engines: V8.71 Detroit (same model for both engines)

Two generators: 1 Cummins 4B3.9 30 KW and 2.71 Detroit 20 KW

Long Line Reel: 45 miles for the main line (permit is for blue fin tuna, yellowfin, direct swordfish, and incidental shark)

There is everything included like hook, buoy, and float.  Ready for usage  and working. Everything is in good condition and still operates normally. Cabin is very clean.  is a lot of equipment on the boat. The Price:  Call   Permits: NONE

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