Vessel Description

R-009    4 Vessels Available All for $660,000 OBO

Details as follows: Vessel type: oil recover vessel that functions as a skimmer, separator and transporter

LOA: 38′   Beam: 8.5′   Draft: 3′  Weight: 12,889 lbs.

Storage: 1,650- 2,500 gallons       Skimming speed: 1.6- 3kts

Oil collection rate: 6,400 gal per hour with 0.1″ slick, 640 gal per hour with .01″ slick

Comments: Recovers oil from the first 3 feet of the water column. No moving parts in skimming operations (low maintenance).

Trailer able and self-launching (no crane needed). Oil recovered is stored in a well rather than a tank. Very maneuverable and virtually unsinkable.


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