Vessel Description

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 BUILT IN 1977 SHIPYARD: Marine Mart, Inc  Commercial Shrimp vessel

 Length (ft.) 68.0 Breadth (ft.) 20.3 Depth (ft.) 12.0
 Gross 110 GRT Net 88 NRT


 CATERPILLAR 3408 ENGINE OVERHAUL: 2020 Fuel capacity approximately 16,000 gallons.
FRESHWATER: Approximately 2,000 gallons LUBE OIL: Approximately 135 gallons.

MACHINERY & PROPULSION: Vessel is propelled by a CATERPLLAR diesel
engine, V-8-cylinder Model 3408 402HP, 32-volt DC electric start, with a TWIN DISC
MG-516 marine reverse and reduction gear with a 6: to 1 ratio.

The engine drives a single 4-bladed bronze 59” propeller inside a 61” kort nozzle via a 4”
steel jumper shaft through a Douglas type steady bearing coupled to a 4” stainless steel
tail shaft.

FISH HOLE & FREEZER SYSTEM: Subject vessel is fitted with (1) CARYLE
compressors, (1) hydraulic driven off the main engine or a 15HP electric motor. The
system is cooled through a keel cooler condenser. Freezer plates are mounted in the fish
hold. Wood/fiberglass dip brine tank is on the deck.
PUMPS: (2) wash down and bilge/fire pump, (1) 1¼” JABSCO v-belt drive off the main
engine. (1) 1¼” electric pump. (1) electric pressure on demand freshwater system.
ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: 32-volt-DC system using eight 8-volt batteries, located
in a suitable tray in the engine room, 12-volt batteries for starting auxiliaries. 100-amp
alternator v-belted off main engine and a battery charger recharges the batteries. All
wiring, switches, and receptacles are marine approved and appear to be in good
condition. The 120/240 Electrical systems are provided by the 40KW genset. Electrical
systems are protected by overload circuit breakers. The lighting system is 32-VDC and 110 VAC.

STEERING GEAR: A wood-spoke wheel is fitted in the console in the pilothouse,
mechanical steering system, using sprocket and roller chain through deck to sprocket on
rotating shaft aft to sprocket and roller chain to quadrant. Fitted with quadrant stops.
The rudder stock packing gland appears to be in good condition. Equipped with a
COM/NAV autopilot.
Equipped with required navigation lights. Charts, 6” magnetic compass.
Fog bell.
(1) FURUNO Radar
(1) FURUNO GPS Navigator
(1) YAESU VHF Marine Radio
Satellite Phone.
FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT: Fire extinguishers. All tested March 2023
Located: (2) 2 ½ # in the pilothouse
(1) 10# above dining table
(1) 10# in galley
(1) 10# above engine room hatch
(1) 10# in engine room 1
¼” deck hoses on deck are piped to the deck from pumps in engine room.
VENTILATION: Adequate ventilation and air conditioners.
FISHING GEAR: Equipped with 2-drum DOUGLAS trawl winch with two catheads,
driven off the main engine PTO. To Starboard is a separate try-net winch driven off the
main engine PTO. The winches are fitted with safety rails and cable guides. All trawl
doors and nets appear to be in good condition.
All the riggings, blocks, cables, ropes, etc., were inspected and were found in good


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